Famous People With MS.

Have you ever wondered what famous people share this struggle?  Wonder no more.  This is by no means a complete list so feel free to let me know of anyone else I may have left out.  This list merely represents some cursory research on the internet.

    • Annette FunicelloSinger, Dancer, Mouseketeer
    • Chrissy Amphlett – Lead singer for the Divinyls
    • Adam Riedy – US Speed Skater
    • Barbara Jordan – Congress Woman, professor, Civil Rights Activist
    • Betty Cuthbert – Olympic Gold Medalist in Sprinting
    • Bryan Forbes – Actor, Writer, Director
    • Carl Laemmle, Jr.Film Producer
    • Carlos Hathcock – Marine Sniper
    • Clay WalkerCountry Western Singer
    • Richard Pryor – Comedian, Actor and Writer
    • Donna FargoCountry Music Singer and Song Writer
    • William Hartnell – English Actor
    • Clive Burr – Drummer, Iron Maiden
    • David “Squiggy” Lander – Actor, Comedian, Composer, Musician
    • Montel Williams – Television Talk Show Host
    • David Humm – Former Quarterback for Raiders
    • Diana Markham – Novelist
    • Emily Mann – Director and Playwright
    • Doug Robinson – Novelist
    • Ken Novak – Basketball Coach
    • Kelly Sutton – Race Car Driver
    • Karen Stone – Author
    • Lena Horne – Actress and Singer
    • Alan Osmond – Singer
    • Jonathan Katz – Comedian, Actor

6 Responses to Famous People With MS.

  1. Octarin says:

    Wow. I never knew Lena Horne was a sister 😛 Nice blog, am following, will put up in the links too.

  2. rendavey says:

    You are following my blog and now I am following yours 🙂 I need to connect with other after dealing with is 21 year now. I am 37. Mother of 3 sons and things have gotten bad the past few years.

  3. Barb F says:

    There is a British comedian Jim Sweeney with MS who has a YouTube of an interview on a BBC Morning show. Could I identify!

    Thanks for visiting my site, I appreciate the interconnectedness that happens spontaneously.

  4. Ergonoid says:

    Although a lot of press has been erroneously given “legs” with the fear of dying from MS, you might still wan to add Ozzy and Sharon Ozbourne’s son, Jack. Plus, David, the son of Alan Osmond also has MS.
    Kudos: You have a great blog!

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