How time flies: where I am now with MS

Wow!  I began building this blog on October 26th, 2011.  Here I sit 4 years later with a completely different life.  Though the blog hasn’t been very active through all of those changes; you have all remained followers.  Thank you.  I will endeavor to become more active again, bringing useful information and updates on scientific breakthroughs via twitter as before.

You may find it interesting to know that I have achieved remission for the last year and a half; despite some significant life changes and stressful situations.  There are symptoms that are permanent.  I have tremors in my hands always; at times they are worse than others.  I have minor peripheral neuropathy.  I have ocular neuritis.  I have some cognitive issues.  These I have learned to live with.

I will turn 44 in a little less than a month.  I don’t celebrate my birthday the way most people do.  In fact very few people actually know when my birthday is.  I will mark that occasion as I normally do by sitting down with a glass of wine and my bucket list.  I will cross off those things accomplished and revise other things accordingly.  Care to see it?  It’s long.  100 Items long.  But it gives me goals and a sense of accomplishment.  I will add it to the end of this blog or maybe as a separate entry.

These last four years have been hard; this last year and a half in particular the hardest; but also the most rewarding.  I looked the devil in the eye, and I met someone who showed me how to live again.  I also met a group of people who taught me family isn’t always blood, sometimes family is chosen family.  I found a job I love.  I found a home I love.  I may write about some of those very personal experiences in future posts but for now; suffices to say that times change and people change.

I am going to ask that as this blog moves forward everyone keep an open mind and embrace differences and lets try to make it more interactive.  Let me know what you want to hear about.  Its a resource blog.  Have questions?  ask for what you want and if I don’t know the answers I will endeavor to find out.  I will also try to get some interviews with people who matter and make a difference to the MS lifestyle community.

So as promised here is the bucket list…

100 Things to do before I die. Kim’s bucket list

May 14, 2012 at 1:29pm

  1. Visit Japan
  2. Make a living off of my own business
  3. Start a successful blog / 200 subscribers and growing Completed 2010
  4. Have a photograph published
  5. Publish a book
  6. Get an article published
  7. Visit Victoria Falls in Zambia Zimbabwe
  8. Swim in crystal clear water in the Maldives
  9. Go skydiving
  10. Take a road trip on Hwy 66
  11. Drive Highway 1 along the California Coast
  12. See the Amazon Rain Forest
  13. Travel to Italy Completed 2006
  14. Visit every continent
    1. North America Completed
    2. South America
    3. Europe Completed
    4. Antarctica
    5. Africa
    6. Asia
    7. Australia
  15. Donate $1000.00 to a worthy cause Completed 2001-International Red Cross
  16. Achieve zero debt
  17. See the Dalai Lama speak
  18. See a Lion in the wild
  19. Visit all of the National Parks In progress
State National Park Year Established
Alaska (8) Denali 1917
Gates of the Arctic 1980
Glacier Bay 1980
Katmai 1980
Kenai Fjords 1980
Kobuk Valley 1980
Lake Clark 1980
Wrangell – St. Elias 1980
American Samoa American Samoa 1988
Arizona (3) Grand Canyon 1919
Petrified Forest 1962
Saguaro 1994
Arkansas Hot Springs 1921
California (8) Channel Islands 1980
Death Valley 1994
Joshua Tree 1994
Kings Canyon 1940
Lassen Volcanic 1916
Redwood 1968
Sequoia 1890
Yosemite 1890
Colorado (4) Black Canyon of the Gunnison 1999
Great Sand Dunes 2004
Mesa Verde 1906
Rocky Mountain 1915
Florida (3) Biscayne 1980
Dry Tortugas 1992
Everglades 1947
Hawaii (2) Haleakala 1916
Hawaii Volcanoes 1916
Idaho Yellowstone 1872
Kentucky Mammoth Cave 1941
Maine Acadia 1919
Michigan Isle Royale 1940
Minnesota Voyageurs 1975
Montana (2) Glacier 1910
Yellowstone 1872
Nevada Great Basin 1986
New Mexico Carlsbad Caverns 1930
North Carolina Great Smoky Mountains 1934
North Dakota Theodore Roosevelt 1978
Ohio Cuyahoga Valley 2000
Oregon Crater Lake 1902
South Carolina Congaree 2003
South Dakota (2) Badlands 1978
Wind Cave 1903
Tennessee Great Smoky Mountains 1934
Texas (2) Big Bend 1944
Guadalupe Mountains 1966
U.S. Virgin Islands Virgin Islands 1956
Utah (5) Arches 1971
Bryce Canyon 1928
Capitol Reef 1971
Canyonlands 1964
Zion 1919
Virginia Shenandoah 1935
Washington (3) Mount Rainier 1899
North Cascades 1968
Olympic 1938
Wyoming (2) Grand Teton 1929
Yellowstone 1872


  1. Drive a Ferrari
  2. Do something upstandingly newsworthy
  3. Fast for 3 days (nothing but water) Completed 2005
  4. Scuba dive
  5. Solo survival excursion in the Rockies Completed 2005
  6. Live in another Country Completed 2001-2005 Canada
  7. Put $100 on a long shot to win (horse racing) Completed 2006 California-Santa Anita
  8. Learn archery
  9. Learn to play golf
  10. Learn to play the violin
  11. Learn to dance the Tango
  12. Ride in a hot air balloon
  13. Ride in a Helicopter Completed 1991
  14. The Basilica di San Marco, Venice Completed 2006
  15. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican, Rome Completed 2006
  16. Kiyomizu Temple in Japan
  17. Machu Picchu, Peru
  18. The Coliseum in Rome Completed 2006
  19. The Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy Completed 2006
  20. The Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia
  21. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, USA
  22. The Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Holland
  23. The Smithsonian Museums in Washington, DC
  24. Visit SeaWorld Florida, Orlando Completed 1988
  25. Visit Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii Completed 1991
  26. Visit Disneyworld Completed 1988
  27. Restore a classic truck
  28. Get a college degree in progress
  29. Make a difference in at least one person’s life.
  30. Visit Cuba before the embargo is lifted No longer possible
  31. Swim with dolphins
  32. Go whale-watching
  33. Visit the San Diego Zoo completed 2006
  34. Go on safari.
  35. Go bird watching in Costa Rica.
  36. Create a Japanese garden with a meditation area
  37. Create a workout room
  38. Install a spa on the back deck No longer Possible
  39. Grow bonsai trees.
  40. Visit Tibet
  41. Take up tai chi
  42. Attend a Stanley Cup game Completed 2006
  43. Eat truffles Completed 2006
  44. Eat oysters Completed 2000
  45. Eat Gumbo in Louisiana
  46. Get a Tattoo Completed 2006
  47. Visit Mexico Completed 2006
  48. Trevi Fountain Rome Italy Completed 2006
  49. See the Egyptian Pyramids
  50. Watch the Northern Lights Completed 2001
  51. Go to the airport and take a random flight
  52. Visit the Mayan Ruins
  53. Visit China
  54. Experience Zero Gravity
  55. Visit Bora Bora
  56. Complete a 365 project (photo a day for a year)
  57. Mexico for Dia de Muertos
  58. Climb a volcano Completed 1991 (Haleakala)
  59. Visit Florence Italy Completed 2006
  60. Wine tasting in Tuscany Completed 2006
  61. Visit Ireland
  62. Sky Lantern festival in Thailand
  63. Visit Alaska
  64. Visit the Galapagos Islands
  65. Own and be proficient with a 1911 handgun
  66. Witness the polar bear gathering in Manitoba Canada
  67. Hike to base camp on Mount Everest
  68. Try Kayaking
  69. Collect patches from all K-9 Unit services. In progress
  70. Go to an Opera
  71. Visit Alcatraz
  72. Visit the Redwood Forest
  73. Visit Barcelona
  74. Visit Borneo Malaysia
  75. See the Great Barrier Reef
  76. Attend the Burning Man Festival in Black Rock City
  77. Volunteer to assist at a national disaster Became Red Cross Disaster Responder in 2012
  78. Have my photo taken with a tiger
  79. Buy and sell a property for profit
  80. Find a way to actively help at risk kids
  81. One day, I’d like to have enough money to buy a house and brand new vehicle and just walk up to some; unexpecting, needing, someone on the street and hand them the keys to both and wish them a very nice life.





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"i owned the world that hour as i rode over it. Free of the earth, free of the mountains, free of the clouds, but how inseparably i was bound to them." ~Charles Lindbergh
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One Response to How time flies: where I am now with MS

  1. Peter Brandsma says:

    When visiting THE van Gogh museum, be sure to visit at least also het stedelijk museum and/or het Rijksmuseum. Both are next to the van Gogh and in my opinion more wortwhile. 😉

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