Peer Support for MS Sufferers.

Connecting with another person who knows first hand what we are going through is essential when confronted with a life changing diagnosis such as MS.  Peer support groups or peer telephone support are great ways to meet new people that share similar experiences.

Peer support offers us a way to learn more about the disease, share experiences or personal feelings on the issues faced, talk through problems or choices, and discuss what works and what doesn’t.  Topics can very from the disease itself to coping mechanisms for dealing with common day to day issues.

There are several avenues we can use to find those connections.  In the United States and Canada; the National MS Society has; MSFriends for peer telephone support.  Click on the links to find their web pages.  They also have a Peer Support and Mentor Program.  The Multiple Sclerosis foundation offers an interactive map on their website to find local (across the US) support groups.  For readers not located in the US; I am working to put together a page that will offer a listing of contact information for support groups world wide.  I will send out a notice when it is available; please make sure you are subscribed to receive updates.  You can also find me on twitter: (kitsune1971) for updates.  If you know of any resources that you would like to add, please contact me with the information:

No one needs to suffer alone in silence. 


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