The Right to Die

Today the interview between Dr. Oz and Montel Williams, who suffers from MS, will air. The topic; “Do you have the right to end your own life”.

This controversial debate continues to stir very emotional responses from people on both sides. I am curious what the current general school of thought is.

I understand that people look at this from various view points; some from a religious prospective, some from a personal prospective, and some from a legal prospective. At what point do we tell people that they are not in control of their own lives? Is it right for someone with no understanding of the pain a disease inflicts on another to decide if that person will continue to live with it? Is it right for someone suffering to inflict the emotional pain of loss on another?

I think the answer varies. Quality of life is an important consideration. If we look at various cultures, I think it is safe to say that quality of life is vastly improved by the care,dignity and respect offered by family during a severe illness.

Many things are considered when contemplating something like the right to die. People often consider the hardship imposed on the family caring for them. Sometimes its the loss of function that drives the decision. Sometimes its the pain. Whatever the course, there is reason behind the need. I doubt very many consider it lightly or impulsively.

I believe that no one should be denied dignity, and where illness is concerned, assisted suicide should be a viable option when and after consultations with Doctors, Specialists, and Mental Health Professionals have concluded a person has made a choice while mentally capable for reasons of disease beyond the scope of help. When certain criteria are met, then that patients family should not be denied benefits but nor should they be allowed to stop the action.

To keep someone alive only for the emotional baggage they might otherwise leave behind is wrong in my opinion.

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3 Responses to The Right to Die

  1. This is interesting. I had been thinking about this also.

  2. sbcallahan says:

    your entry is thoughtful and encouraging. I just finished writing about the same subject in my blog and sometimes have a difficult time finding other writers who are experiencing health issues with an opinion on the subject that they are willing to share publicly. to many times I start reading and discover this is yet another “healthy” person that wants to tell me what is the moral thing to do. it was provoking to me for dr. albrow to state that depression was the main reason for terminal pts to consider suicide. as a mental health professional with a terminal illness I found that to be rather arrogant. as you say there are so many facets to this decision and I believe it has to be individualised. thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights.

    • foxfires71 says:

      Thank you for your comments. I think the world would be a far better place if people were more open-minded and tried to look at things from an opposing point of view. There seems to be a lack of understanding; that it is perfectly normal for people to have a differing opinion, and for that person to make their own choices. Far too often it takes a serious life event to create a paradigm shift for those types of individuals to gain a larger view of the world. I don’t seek to change their minds or win them over to my way of thinking; I simply want them to understand that I have the right to choose for myself based on my beliefs.

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