Rewiring/Remapping the Brain??

I’ve recently read some older articles about rewiring the brain after stroke and it made me wonder what advances there are in this type of therapy and how they might apply to MS patients.  One article I read; “Mechanisms Underlying Improved Recovery of Neurological Function After Stroke in the Rodent After Treatment With Neurorestorative Cell-Based Therapies” Michael Chopp, PhD, Yi Li, MD, and Zheng Gang Zhang, MD, PhD, suggested that “white matter architecture” in the brain was altered by cell treatment.  The article is filled with a great deal of technical jargon that is beyond my scope of understanding; however, it ends with the following “This work describes series of interlocking neurorestorative events that are activated by the presence of exogenously administered cells. Essentially, the cells act as catalysts, with their potency to enhance recovery deriving from their action on parenchymal cells.”

In reading this article; if I’ve understood it properly, it is suggesting that cell therapy can actually improve function and repair myelin.  I thought, a few months back I heard of studies being conducted with MS patients involving cell therapy.  If anyone could cite an article for me I would be most interested in reading it.

Here is my thought; if cell therapy can possibly repair the myelin or improve function for individuals with stroke then it stands to reason that it should do the same for MS patients, granted that doesn’t target the underlying problem that causes the attacks on the myelin in the first place.

The reason I find this of interest is because I’ve read other articles where the brain can also be remapped.  This is a process where the brain relearns the process of matching visual input with sensory input and thereby remaps the motor commands.

Could these two studies together significantly slow the disease and buy those of us with MS more time to enjoy life while they figure out the cure?  I mean in the long run I would think this would be a more cost-effective therapy than the rediculously expensive DMD’s (Disease Modifying Drugs) that we are forced to buy at $4500.00 a month only to slow the progression of the disease with sometimes little or no result? 

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2 Responses to Rewiring/Remapping the Brain??

  1. I haven’t been on the Copaxone yet. but my insurance pays most and I only pay $40; supposedly shared solutions is supposed to pay the $40. but I don’t know why doctors can’t come up with something to stop the disease NOW and just the future, but what do I know?

  2. smartinek says:

    Remapping is an interesting concept. However, the brain the neuro pathways that exist, exist in a certain order for a reason.

    It is suspected in my brain injury (cpm/epm), that remapping occurs. It is also seen in people who have had strokes. However, when does occur, it does not necessarily occur without cost. It is suspected that these neuro pathways create damage as they occur, and it is not certain as to how much benefit a person has compared to the damage.

    It really depends on the brain. It seems that areas of high white matter (those with larger amounts of myelin), the damage that occurs with remapping is greater than those of grey matter.

    It’s frustrating because so little is known and understood about the brain and neuro pathways. It seems like it could be decades before answers to these questions can be discovered.
    Sarah M.

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